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Jon’s New Whip

All City Airwolf Polo Rig (6)

Jon (Not Farmer Jon, but Bike Shop Jon) is a new player we have here in Lancaster–and seeing as though he works for a bike shop, he wasted no time in making himself a proper bike polo whip.

While I kinda hate that he’s been playing for less than a month and already has a great bike (back in my day…), I can also appreciate the sexy. The All-City Airwolf is a fine frame to build a polo bike on, it seems. Here’s the rest of the juice:

  • Velocity Hubs laced to NoBS
  • GT 3pc crankset
  • Shimano front V Brake
  • Problem Solvers dual cable junction
  • Paul Racer rear brake

Jon’s first day notes (from what I overheard) were that he’d like the front to be up a touch more, which I can understand. Still, it’s a great start for our newest lefty: