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Evolution Of A Polo Bike and My All City Dropout Review

After seeing Crusher’s article on the evolution of polo bike(s), I was reminded of my own strange journey to my current ride. Long ago, when Karl was texting me every Saturday to see if I wanted to come play his stupid game, I rode around on a Mercier Kilo TT, all chrome, with some nicer wheels and other hipster bits. It was fixed gear, with no brakes, and if I recall correctly, a 44/15 gearing.
f*cking hipster
Eventually I traded that bike (and by traded I mean even trade, in the back corner of a shopping mall) for a Kona Paddywagon. I was still riding fixed, but reluctantly added a front brake.

The Kona had a much more forgiving geometry than the strict track angles of the Kilo TT, and while some might argue this made it less agile on the road, the truth is… I didn’t notice. I DID however notice that I crashed a lot less, sat a bit more upright, and felt more confident. I’ll chalk this up to either the Kona’s geometry or the fact that I grew some brain matter and bought a brake set. Brakeless is pretty stupid. (No one likes hipsters, but dead hipsters are smellier than live ones – so invest in some brakes.) Read more