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The North American Bike Polo Championships are going to go LIVE in just a few short hours. Watch it right here:

(this is going to be the best workday ever).

GREAT video about Indianapolis polo court progress

Masters Indianapolis 2013 (138) (Copy)

Irish just posted a video about the court construction over in Indianapolis. Well put together, the video highlights some of the successes and lessons that we can gain from a club that put their mind to something and succeeded. Namely, thinking of the community around where you play as a partner and equal (instead of someone to avoid or become embattled with).

Having played on these courts for the Masters, I can attest that they are pretty baller. Great surface, solid walls, and a very cool standing area in between the two courts for judges or the media/drunken hecklers. Great work, polokins.

Bike Polo Project Final from People For Urban Progress on Vimeo.

Bike Polo Tonight

supersockI’m kinda amped for it.


Resistencia Bike Polo – 4to Torneo Nacional De Hardcourt Bike Polo

A bike polo video of a tourney in South America – where I suspect we’ll be hearing lots more about bike polo in the coming years. Like, tons more.

Resistencia Bikepolo – 4to Torneo Nacional De Hardcourt Bike Polo from Cristian on Vimeo.

Bike Polo video mayhem

Growing Pains, meet bike polo:


Bike polo bullshit @ Grenoble from Biloubam on Vimeo.

The Clean Dismount

Well done, Liz!


clean escape

The Bruce Hustle



I love it when I get a series of pics like this.


Great Ladies Army Promo Video

ladies army

I don’t have much to add, but I’m happy to see all the sponsors, and it’s not with a glint of pride in my eye that I saw our own website logo at the end.

Ladies Army 5 from Geoffrey Tomlin-Hood on Vimeo.

Monday Movie Milano Bike Polo: The Good Fellas Tourney

The Good Fellas Tournament 7 from Andrea Farè on Vimeo.

Bike Polo in Ecuador

Don’t get frustrated about the filter/focus the film maker uses. I for one see every tournament like this after I find out who has the beer.

Bike Polo Sur Ec. from luis herrera on Vimeo.