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Video from the Way Back

Here we have some Dublin Bicycle polo circa 1938. It seems hacking was permitted.


Introducing The Insta-Ref!

2014-03-19 08.19.52

Want to run an NAH tournament but don’t have the time or desire to learn the rule-set?

Can’t seem to find anyone willing to blow a whistle for a full day?

Tired of players attacking refs and ruining the joy of the game?

Well the future is NOW!

Introducing The Insta-Ref by Lancaster Polo!

The Insta-Ref™ is the automated, one-touch solution to all of your referee needs. Developed in the secret sanctum of the polo war room deep in the heart of Lancaster County, The Insta-Ref™ is your one-stop solution for any NAH Tournament.

Using the Insta-Ref is Easy!

All you need to do is:

1. Wait for a “potential-call” moment

2. Press the Insta-Ref™ button

3. Perform the action prescribed by the random selection of the Insta-Ref!

2014-03-19 08.20.39

Possible Actions Include:

  • Make Up A Rule
  • Distract With Animal Noises
  • Yell “I AM The Law!”
  • Blankly Stare At Players
  • Blow Whistle Louder
  • W.W.N.K.D (What Would Nick Kruse Do?)

Each of these possible solutions are specially formulated to simulate actual, real life reffing!

Order Now!

The Insta-Ref™ ref management system only exists in limited quantities (read: 1) so act now! The first order will also receive the Insta-Heckle 4000 AT ABSOLUTELY REGULAR PRICE!


A Lighter Post. Let’s Make Fun of People:

In the spirit of comraderie, I made this video. Enjoy!

This is Hardcourt: A Bunch of White Guys.


Let me start by immediately walking back on that title: I really, really appreciate the work Mr. Do does for our sport. Point in fact, I think he’s one of the most entertaining, important producers of bike polo content in the world. We’re lucky to have him and to have his dedication to our sport. 

But there was something a little funny about the recent (beautiful) video he helped make called This Is Hardcourt. While it was wonderfully rendered and made me excited to call myself a bike polo player, it seemed strangely–I don’t know–singular in its content.

By this I mean: if I didn’t know anything about bike polo and watched this video as part of a sponsorship package, I would think that only white males play the game [there are a few frames where women appear, but no narration to back up that this is a normal thing].

And, to be really frank with you, that’s a pretty accurate depiction of the sport (it’s mostly played by white males, I’m not blind for goodness sake). But it’s not the whole story, and certainly not what I’d want to show potential sponsors.

If you read the articles on this site, you know that I am pretty excited by the co-ed nature of the sport. And while I haven’t touched on it very much, I’m also jazzed by how inclusive the sport is to anyone who wants to join in (we don’t have a gay-bashing, alternative lifestyle hating culture in bike polo, is what I mean). We’re a pretty open, awesome group of people.

But, if I watched this video, I wouldn’t know that. I’d think it was a boys club. A white boy’s club–which is kinda behind the curve, don’t you think.

As soon as this video came out a few folks reached out to me to get my opinion and vent, and I’d like to share what they told me. The first was Lisa, who explained:

I was disappointed when I first saw it because clearly its purpose is as a promotional piece and it obviously didn’t illustrate that this is a coed sport, neither did the commentary. I have spoken with Ben Schultz about it and he’s seeking an edit, which is good to hear. Women are working just as hard on and off the court and I think that will really appeal to potential sponsors. Polo is one of the few truly coed sports out there and it should be celebrated.

Next, Anne emailed me with much the same sentiment, though explained a bit more: Read more

Monday Morning Mr. Do


Assassins Vs. Edisons: one of the few matches that the Assassins lost. This was the first time I got to see the Edisons in person and I pretty much accepted right there that I knew nothing about bike polo.

Wednesday Mr. Do: Assasins Vs Getting Wild


Two great teams, the chance of a come back, and all within a single game. It’s as tasty as it gets, friends.

Monday Movie: Pilgrims v. We Are Animals


This was a late loser bracket game, coming in after the brief rain shower. Solid play from two teams who are, I figure, by this point pretty tired.

Monday Movie: Means Vs. Journeymen

I think the ref forgot how to ref:

That Kid Who Got Pegged At North Americans:

Hat tip to Alias for pointing this out (click on the picture if it doesn’t start up automatically):

kid pegged, Podium, and Throwing a Tourney: My Thoughts


There really isn’t’ much else that needs to be said.
Anytime I wasn’t actually playing polo this weekend, I spent glued to the couch with my ipad in hand, streaming the greatest game on earth. I’m pretty sure my wife had a few conversations with me, but you’d have to ask her, because I certainly didn’t hear any of them.

North Americans and the stream on brought a few things to my attention. First, despite some comments to the contrary, good hard polo is super exciting to watch. If there’s anyone who got bored watching the first game of the finals (Beavers vs. Guardians) then you’re clinically dead.

Second, was the streaming has seriously improved since the first time I tuned in. Good quality feed, most of the time the cameras were on point, and there were multiple angles! The commentary was excellent, and by the end I even learned to appreciate Machines endless banter.

The last thing that I noted was about Podium. It seems that every tourney I go to, someone is bitching and complaining about Podium. It doesn’t work. It sucks. It screws everything up. OMG I can’t work the internet.

It seemed to work pretty damn well for 48 teams, over 3 intense days, on 3 courts. Maybe trying to run your tournament off of the 7Elevens wifi from two blocks away is contributing to your issues?

Anyway, big shout out to Mr. Do, machine, Vince, Chandel, and everyone else involved in making my porn for the weekend.

And big shout out to Beavers for again making almost every other team look like newbs. Its hard to like you because you’re pretty aware of how good you are, but you can’t deny results.