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Taylor Swift Nude

2012 is over, and I wanted to take a second to give a nod to our perhaps under-appreciated blog-boss.   Apart from juggling a job that he oh-so-loves and earning his MFA in some kind of poems or shit, he also manages to come up with posts worth reading on a daily basis.

Without him, the blog would be as worthwhile as my Fitness Pal app.    Here, but unused.

So here’s to you, Crusher.  Thanks for what you’ve given us.


By the way, the title is the only way i know how to attract attention.  Crusher knows all of the fancy google tricks, which is why random people from all over the globe found my birthday post by searching for Happy Birthday Horse and stuff like that.



Products I Wish Existed

photo from the US dept. of the interior

photo from the US dept. of the interior


  • Anything new from Malletheadz
  • A mallet that had a built in curve to it (no real reason, I just think it’d be a nice change. Maybe help with having a more dynamic ability under the bb
  • Helmets with built in face cages made specifically for bike polo
  • Wheel covers that reacted to being struck. Every blocked goal would also come with a trumpet sound and lights show
  • A universal mallet mount that strapped across your back (or your bag) like you were carrying swords. I guess I could just get a brace of scabbards or something, but that would require bumping into Bart at the renaissance faire, and that’s not quite up my line (anymore)
  • Light-up NAH style balls for low light play
  • A computer that rates the quality of sideline heckling. If someone shit talks and gets below a 65% rating, they aren’t allowed to talk for the rest of the current match
  • Anything that can add lasers to existing equipment. Lasers everywhere.

Polo Tomorrow

Take the NAH to the White House

Despite my previous manlove for the NAH’s suggestions for the 2013-14 season, sometimes you just gotta call in the big guns. 

This is a petition to force the NAH to allow wrist shots. If it reaches 25,000 signatures the president must address it.

Can you imagine that shit?!

Now, I know there aren’t even 25,000 people who have heard about hardcourt bike polo, but MAN WE GOTTA TRY, AMIRIGHT?!

Go to the page, sign the petition. Tell your friends. Oh my God can you think of Bill O’Reilly losing his mind about this? The possibilities are probably very low but endless.

Right now, we’re at 4 big signatures  – we only need 24,996 more.

Moving Day

I’ll get back at you (hopefully) tomorrow, but right now I’m busy packing and stressing and working harder than normal.

Busy getting a house

I’ll post something later on today, but for now, just congratulate me on settling on my new polo editor man aviary.

Polo has been cancelled today


A delightful package arrived on my doorstep recently, and as it turns out it’s PRIZES FOR THE KEYSTONE CLASSIC. I don’t want to spoil the surprise as to what the prizes are, but St Cago only makes one polo item at this point, so if you can’t figure it out, you’re kindof a slowski.

In related news, St. Cago is now back on Fixcraft as well (right cha-here) so you can purchase them easily online again.

I’ve been using a St Cago head


A Study in Contrast

While I’m sure we all wish we could ride our bikes to a polo court just a few pedal strokes away – here in Lanc we often find ourselves having to drive to a polo destination. Below are two creative solutions for not hopping in the car.

Item A – dubbed the “Fruit Scoot” by Geno. When Horse isn’t bumming a ride from somebody, he makes his way to polo by laying his steed across the seat and basically sitting on the main triangle.


Item B: When Geno (you might remember him as the loudest drunk at ESPI’s this year) isn’t playing with his pony (no joke, he owns a pony) he tows his polo bike in this lovely child carrier.


Have a good weekend.

Fixcraft PolyCarbonatehead Review

Written by Irish:

Being the Retro Grouch/DIYer, I have been somewhat less excited about buying mallet gear, but the Poly Carbonate heads intrigued me.  My good friend the Crusher of this fine Blog “loaned” me a Polycarb mallet head from Fixcraft to use and then review. So, I quickly built up a mallet and it quickly became my favorite mallet just from the heckling I took for something that looks and sounds like it would break when we tossed mallets.

First Impression:

This thing is light, noisy, and is going to break.  Some warming up with it and I found that it hit the ball hard and made a funny somewhat irritating sound from the stiff material.   I quickly got use to the sound.

Playing with Lexan Luther:

This thing shoots rockets.  Laser Guided Rockets.  Because of the weight I did not drill any holes as I typically would my tried and true orange pipe and really hits hard.  Karl’s shin was a testament to the velocity of the ball.  Controlling is a bit different, for some reason the poly head likes to “grab” the NAH ball.  Not terribly bad, but took some getting used to.  I am not sure if this is from the slightly smaller outside diameter or from the material.

The inside diameter is slightly bigger than the orange pipe therefore scooping and flick passing works great.

As you can see I didn’t take a huge amount of time to mount the head, thinking it wouldn’t last.  I would take more care mount the next one.  The material need more attention when mounting and I definitely would use a through mount system next time.

We’ll see how long they last:

This is the wear from one nights play.

So far:

3 nights = I love this head.  My one concern is what happens when the temps start to drop?  Don’t know, but I will be ordering more.