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Lancaster United, Lego Edition

The whole gang!

One of our player’s little polokins were playing around and dreaming of bike polo (as all good polokins do), and the following pictures were the result. A big thanks to both E- and A- for making these come to life and for remembering to make me a head shorter than every other lego figure out there, haahaa! Likewise, thanks to Erin for bringing these to my attention and for sending them my way.



There is a reason we elected him

whether I’m referring to the flinching horse or the Charlie Sprinkle’s suggestion, who knows, but who cares. Click on the picture for the magic:


Pickup Pictures: RVA and Lancaster

Here are 70 some pictures from my day at RVA featuring DC, RVA, C-ville, and Lancaster, and my typical wonderful Sunday pickup back home. enjoy the frivolity! Read more

Gene Comes From the Church Of Mercury


Church Gene

St. Patrick’s Day Pickup

St Patricks Day Pickup (5)

Irish Coffee, drinks in flasks, and a not-at-all jig by Gene & Ted. All in all, a fun day!

First, the Dancing:

Now, the Pictures: Read more

270ish Pictures of Eastside Thaw

Eastside Thaw  (137)

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, except for this little ditty here: great time, great people, great experience. Had a lot of great conversations with cool cats and I hope to make some new super polo buddies from this.

I am so lonely…

Anyway, here’s your heaping spoonful of imagery: Read more

Polo Motivational


10 Things I Love About This Set-Up


Watching lots of G.O.T.

Horse’s Awesome Pictures of the Fixcraft Prototype

Matthew J Krofcheck (who made sure to ask me, against tact or acknowledgement of my minimal journalistic integrity, to give him “photo cred”) took these wonderful pictures of the two prototype bikes Lumberjack and I have. Just enjoy the eye candy, everybody.