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Friday Gifs


Because sometimes writing is booooring.



When you try to blend in at another region’s qualifier: 




Reading through LoBP rules discussions: 

rules discussion





How Nick Kruse reacts to getting MVP: 

How nick kruse reacts when he gets MVP



Working on new tricks in front of others: 





Waking up after the Saturday night party in someone else’s house:  Read more

First Round: Lancaster United Player Cards

Playing Card Kokus Playing Card Lumberjack Playing Card Rod Read more

Forgot Something?

This points to a few things:

1. Lancaster is the kinda place you can leave a bike unlocked in a park and not necessarily worry.

2. Troy is getting old.

3. Troy has the luck of the Irish.



Pickup Tonight


Lancaster United Halloween Pickup

Carter dressed up as a polo player.

Well, our dress-up day here in Lancaster was a great time, and only a few of us weren’t willing/didn’t have time to participate in the festivities of old hallow’s eve. We had a Satyr, a steampunk airship pilot, a polo player (kindof looked like Bruce if he quit trimming his beard and hair), A viking, and Lumberjack with a gas mask on, among others I’m probably forgetting.

And me: I tried to go for a skeleton faced fellow, but I had to hurry up and I came out looking more like a Juggalo. Still counts.

Anyway, it was a great time, and I’m very happy we did it.

And, for other Halloween treats, check out the links below to posts I wrote last Halloween– spooky scary!

355 Pictures of the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship 2013

2013-10-18 18.43.42

Just navigate your sweet self over here to see all the (decent) pictures I took of the event. Make sure to stop on back in a little bit to read my first post about all of the excitement, too. (Please?!)

Pictures from Lancaster United Happy Funtime Tourney

Lancaster United Pick-up tourney (51)

This past weekend Lancaster United hosted a fun-time tourney: a regular three man/woman/horse tourney followed by a bench format, then followed by some more pickup. We had a great turnout and lots of fun to be had.

As is often the case, I brought along my little camera and snapped away some pictures. Notably this one of the WINNERS OF THE 3 man/woman/horse tourney:

Lancaster United Pick-up tourney (81)Rodney, Liz, and Brian who are:

  • The best polo players in
  • The best polo team
  • In the universe (is that close to what you told me to write, Liz?)

The winners of the Bench format game are altogether not important, as neither Liz nor I were on that team. Who says winner write histories?

Anyway, here are handfuls of pictures (after the jump) from the day. Enjoy!

Read more

Polo Giffin.

Cute Otter - 2

I think we all miss the now defunct Let me give you some salve for a broken heart:

Pro Tip: if the gif doesn’t run automatically, click on the picture, and it’ll start up like magic.

Trying not to wake sleeping team mates

trying not to wake sleeping team mates






Your first tourney party

your first tourney after party








Challenging stronger players

challenging stronger players








Tourney team that plays together, stays together

tourney team plays and stays together








Milwaukee’s first response to Worlds announcement

MKE's first response to Worlds announcement








Someone else brings food to pickup

someone else has food






Matching team shirts

matching team shirts






New gearing

new gearing






Newbie chasing ball

new player chasingball










When a goal shot hits your leg

when a goal shot hits your legs






Mocking the ref

team mate catches you






Second Day (morning)

Second day





Newb posting in front of goal

newb posting








Testing the court surface

testing court







When a tourney includes lunch for everyone

When someone brings lunch for everyone









When two players have an argument that nobody else cares about

when two players on opposite teams have an argument nobody else cares about







Wrong gearing

wrong gearing







Brakes don’t work

brakes dont work







This has nothing to do with polo, just look at that guys face

dont have anything just look at his face omg


50 pictures from Hot and Heavy polo

July 6th Polo (24)

This Saturday was very cool for many reasons, none of them being the blistering heat coming from mother nature’s sweaty pits.

We had guests Rob, Peter and Greg B., it was my first polo day since my heart wussed out on me, and it also counted as my birthday polo adventure.

Overall, I felt pretty alright playing. I tried to take it easy via consistent time in goal and sitting out every other game. My ol’ ticker seemed to appreciate that. Outside of that, it was hot as all get-out and I think most of us were thoroughly exhausted by the end of play.

Here are some pictures to enjoy of the festivities, courtesy of our resident much-better-than-I-will-ever-be photographer, Gretchen. I hope your long-weekend polo happy fun times were just as…uh…happy funnish.

And then there’s Alias

While Troy was posting up selected pictures from our happy fun times after polo, Alias seized the opportunity to use power point – which is a phrase I never thought I’d write in my lifetime.

blast area (Copy) Directional Change (Copy) not enough lean (Copy)