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Congratulations Beaver Boys….again.

image courtesy of Tom Held





Well, the beaver boys did it again, winning the NAHBPC in their home town of
Milwaukee.  They cleaned up the winners bracket, and edged out the Guardians 3-1 in the final game for the title.

I didnt catch any of it, but I hear the feed was great and the games were solid, so I’m looking forward to seeing a Mr. Do video pop up here this week.

The Beaver Boys are one of those teams you love to hate.   It really took playing them to realize its not just hype, they’re just really effing good at what they do.    (granted, our game lasted about 3 minutes, 5-0).

So congratulations Brian, Joe, and Eric.  A well deserved win.


Also a big shout out to Lomax’s team, MANTHOUSAND, who came in tied for 9th after the weekend.   Great playing guys!

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With Crusher away, we bet you thought this blog would be on vacation. Nope. Content will continue to flow as the Guinness into Crusher’s gullet while he hob-nobs with the fine folk in Scotland.
On tap this week (after we all recover from watching the stream of the NAH championship, congrats Beaver Boys!):
– Professor Rauhauser discusses how he plans to bring bicycle polo into the classroom this fall…
– We hear from Horse why pulling out at full speed is never a good idea…
– We have met the newest polo super-villain, and his name is Lexan Luther…
– LUBP’s  Lumberjack discusses the finer points of carving with chainsaws and the downsides of using an axe handle instead of a Fixcraft XT pole, or something like that…

Stay tuned


-Trace Oberholtzer

Stickers for Everyone!

The sticker order came in fresh yesterday evening all the way from Reno Nevada courtesy of Sticker Guy . I promise they are not blurry like the bad photo would lead you to believe.

There will be plenty of sticktastic fun for everyone. and if you don’t get your collection of LU stickers the first go around, don’t worry. I’ll have plenty in stock.


I wasted no time in putting one on my wheelcover and cutting one out to put over my Redline headbadge. I hope you find a bunch of fun places to put yours as well.

Anywhoo, I’ll be making an appearance at Fairview on Wednesday to hand some out to the folks who are there, and leave a mess of them with someone to distribute whilst I’m away. Yes, that’s how much I care that you cats get these into your paws.



Polo Tonight was Interesting, or How We Almost Hid the Body of a 17 Year Old.

One of the great frustrations for most of us polo players is the lack of our own facility. Much like professional curlers or caber tossing – we are on the outs of public facilities. This helps explain why we are so overjoyed when we can find and successfully use a place to play our sport.

It also makes us very protective. Like, wolverine hissing over a carcass protective.

I’m telling you all of this to go into the story of tonight’s polo game, where we pretty much encountered the 2011 representation of teenage angst:

Polo, Bike Polo, Lancaster City Bike Polo, Hardcourt Bike Polo

There is a useful article on page 14 about using mentos and mouth wash to cover up the smell of cigarettes from your mom!

I don’t actually know who that fella is above, but it’s pretty much what we saw tonight.

So the story goes like this: Read more

How Polo Felt To ME Last Night


Crusher was feeling under the weather, but pretty much every single game last night was full force, can’t catch your breath kind of play.   Probably the best night we’ve had in a while, certainly in 2012.


New Video: Lancaster United has some interesting people.

Lancaster United Bike Polo – Our New Logo

There are benefits to having a graphic designer in your club:

Here’s what Lumberjack created in between his paid work and watching kitten videos. It’s the new image of Lancaster United and I’m damned proud of it.

Just bask in the glory for a second, would you?


Lancaster United

Post by Trace

Stop me if you’ve heard this one already…

A graphic designer, a cook, a homeschooling dad, a Buddhist hospital chaplain, a Mennonite (go ahead, look that one up), a truck
driver, a salesmen, an organic farmer, a couple of web ninjas, a gym teacher (I know you don’t teach buildings Zach, but work with me), a mechanical engineer, a bike shop mechanic, and a Jew walk into a bar. Oh wait. Before they walk into the bar they play bike polo.

That’s the entire joke right there.

Except it is not a joke. The above is the mystery of Lancaster United, the freshly minted bicycle polo club in southeastern Pennsylvania. Lancaster City Bike Polo provided the polo roots while York’s First Capital Bike Polo crew brought dedication, ingenuity, and serious numbers to our polo scene. LCBP and FCBP need each other, not unlike these two chaps.

Whodda thunk that bicycles, a street hockey ball, a couple busted up ski poles, and some hot gas pipe could be the common denominators that UNITED the above rag-tag group of peeps? Is this club unique with its diversity? If so I am damn proud of us. Bicycles usually bring people together, but we have found that bicycle polo UNITES.

Take a moment and think about your polo peeps… are you doin’ it? Now, watch this video and try not to reach for your hanky. You’re not so tuff after all, are you?

Lancaster City Bike Polo in Motion

Lum Lum Lumberjaaaaaack

There is so much awesome happening in this picture, I can’t describe it.