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One to One

I had the good fortune to convince Kelli and Johnathon of One to One Print Shop to answer a few questions I had about their newest venture. What initially stuck me about their business was just how focused in it was on providing bike polo players with something that was generally difficult to pull off: high quality, cheap-to-buy shirts for tourneys and clubs. It seems like Kelli and Johnanthan are filling that gap while doing so much more, too.

photo-mainWho are you?

Johnathon McDowell and Kelli (Jurewicz) McDowell. We are parents, polo players and co-owners of a screen printing business!

How did you decide to open up a screen printing business?

We have over 15 years of screen printing experience between the two of us. I co-owned and operated a screen printing company in Florida for 6 years, and Johnathon had been working in the screen printing industry for over a decade. It only took good timing, some cash saving, and a little nudge to get Johnathon away from working for the man to start One to One Print Shop together.

PhotoGrid_1397452721251Are you specifically set up for polo players, or anyone?

We are set up for anyone, really. So far we have worked with local eateries, family reunion-ers and other small businesses. We are more in tune with the “little guy”. We aren’t trying to make a million, we are trying to provide printing services for people like us, those who don’t have a gob of money to drop on shirts but could benefit from selling a few.

What do you specialize in (what are you known for)?

Fast and efficient service without sacrificing quality. We take pride in what we do and we want our final product to reflect that accordingly.

IMG_20140507_163828That $40 dollar deal for 3 shirts–that’s a pretty sweet price for bike polo players. Why the generosity?

We designed the $40 deal for bike polo players because with the increasing cost to enter and travel to a tournament, having matching shirts seems like the last of your worries but it is still very crucial on the court. Most big screen printing businesses would either laugh at the idea of printing only three shirts, or charge you as if they will be printing high fashion designer shirts. No. We know you are going to be getting dirt, sweat (not only yours), and all of the grime that is bike polo on the shirts. You will take it home, maybe even wash it, and be forever reminded of that tournament. Personally, we cherish all the shirts we have collected over the years from bike polo gatherings, and we were beyond excited to provide something so memorable. Did we mention how legit you will look?

PhotoGrid_1394121084474What’s the coolest design you’ve been asked to do?

Jenny Scott’s Beer Goggles team shirts were pretty rad, that gal is off of her rocker and we love it! I also enjoyed printing the REFFIN AIN’T EASY shirts for Alias/The Eastside Thaw because well, it’s just true.

What separates you from other screen printing businesses?

Honestly the biggest difference is that we truly give a shit. We want folks to be able to show off the shirts they designed and be happy with the money they spent. This comes from the fact that we aren’t just in it for the money, we genuinely love printing. Our product is our advertisement, simply put.

IMG_20140501_165052Where do you see One to One going in the future?

Our hope is to stay small and busy. Luckily, things are going in that direction. “We print t-shirts for the American Working Man/Woman, because that’s who we are and that’s who we care about.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

Lastly, we are announcing that after the first of July we will be ending our 3 for $40 special for the year, so if that is something you want to take advantage of, get at us soon. We will be offering a City/Club/Team bulk order special for the remainder of the year so be on the lookout for that at www.onetooneprintshop.com or find/like us on Facebook, One to One Print Shop. Instagram as well, onetooneprintshop.
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