Warhorse Overstock Sale!


NOTE: THIS OVERSTOCK SALE IS OVER. All stock is now gone out to little polokins around the US of A and beyond.

Horse recently found a lost box of V1 Warhorse Disc Guards while cleaning his sex dungeon garage. These anodized black V1 guards are on sale now for the low, low price of $25.00 USD, including hardware and US shipping (overseas shipping should inquire via email at warhorsebikepolo@gmail.com). V1 is slightly less universal than V2: while it still fits about 90% of disc fork/caliper configurations, some fitments may require a slight modification to the guard. This easy modification can be done in minutes with a Dremel, grinder, or hand file. Fear not! See the image below for modifications needed for some bikes/brakes.

warhorse cuts

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