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Editor’s Note: as you know, I generally like having a “first touch” review and then a “months later” review on most of the products I share here. Well, when I gave a pair of DZR Marcos ( to Horse for review, we were (and are) in the middle of a very snowy winter. Not wanting to break rank, however, Horse diligently performed a “first touch” review despite the inability to play polo. Enjoy! 

Marco Marco Marco!

The new offering from DZR, specifically for the arena of bike polo is the Marco.   This shoe aims to hit on some of the issues that polo players were running into with the previous go-to shoe, the Mamba.   I used the Mamba’s (and reviewed them HERE) for over a year with great success.  They were stiff enough for polo, comfortable, and not terribly chunky like some of the other ‘freeride’ skate shoe type offerings on the market.
Here’s a quick video to give you an idea of the specifics:

Marco from DZR on Vimeo.

First Impressions

Out of the box, (it’s a pretty box by the way) there were a few things that I was excited about.   For one, the laces now go through reinforced eyelets.   This is a huge upgrade from the cleverly hidden, but cloth straps of the Mambas.   After about six months, two of those straps had ripped.   There’s a good chance that was due to the fact that I rarely untie my shoes and prefer to muscle them on…. but regardless, they ripped, leaving me with a very strange and uneven lacing pattern on each shoe.   The new Marco’s laces also appear to be a bit more robust, ditching the straight flat cotton lace of the Mamba’s for a round cross section, blended lace.
DZR MarcoAnother cool feature is the wider velcro closure.   It feels very wide and secure across the top of your foot, so even sans laces, I doubt the shoes would go anywhere.


The sole and shank feel a good bit stiffer than my Mamba’s, but that could be because my Mamba’s were still soaking wet three weeks after this years Midwest Open Rainforest Extravaganza, and are fairly worn to hell.
Even though they’re noticably stiffer than the Mamba’s they feel great when shoveling snow.  You get decent grip on the ice and slush, and I never felt like I was going to wash out when tossing water laden pounds of winter hell over my shoulder and onto the neighbors sidewalk.
DZR Marco Bike ShoeThey also feel really good on the mass transit buses here in Lancaster.  I felt safe and confident boarding the bus at the main station, and never slipped while seated in the hard plastic seat.  Some local community college kids even thought they looked ‘fly’.

Work Life and Mambas

They felt really good on the carpet in my office.  Super grippy, with really great cornering between desks.   They’re a little bit lighter than the Mambas, so lifting them onto my desk to watch HBO Go was easier than I expected, and since they’re clean black with a gum sole, I dont think my boss realized they weren’t exactly business casual.   On a trip to the break room to make some edamame, I caught a cubical straight on the ankle and was really glad I had the extra padding.  I was able to keep moving and push right through to the microwave without interruption.

Overall Rating: Yup

DZR Marco SnowOverall, I’d say the Marco is probably one of my favorite snow shoveling clipless shoes on the market.   They’re right up there for a daily miserable commute and more and more boring 9-5 shoe as well.
They’re probably neat for polo too.  You’d have to ask someone who lives in a state that’s not stupid and buried under snow though.
Want to get a pair of your own? Check them out here or visit Fixcraft, who’s also selling them here.
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