Tomorrow, This Blog is Three Years Old.


The first post ever put up was one showing off new stickers we had made for Lancaster City Bike Polo (now Lancaster United). Just a few lines of text and pictures.

Since that point, the blog has grown to be read by hundred every day across the entire globe, has introduced me to more players than I could possibly imagine, and made me something of a mascot to the sport. I’ve shared my opinions, concerns, jokes and secrets with you, dear readers, and it’s hard for me to express how important it’s become over those years.

Without getting too sentimental, I feel lucky to have so many folks who like what I do. There is a sincere pleasure in knowing you’re valued, and the readers of this blog remind me of that almost every day.

So I thank you, one and all, for every compliment and criticism you’ve thrown my way. And thanks, again, to all of you who are sending me a few bills to try to get to Worlds.

You’ve made the past few years kind of profound for me.

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