Less Talking. More Doing.


If the polo community does not hold folks (NAH, Beavers, Mr. Do) accountable for their actions, no one will.

I, too, was surprised by the events of the week, but am thankful to be a part of a community where I can posit concerns and know that it will not fall on deaf ears.   NAH and Mr. Do constitute a small group of PLAYERS: Ben Schultz, Joe Rstom, newly acquired John Hayes, recently retired Chandel Bodner, Nick Kruze, Dustin Bouma, Jenn Gallup and the whole Do team, they all contributed to big strides in this sport now beloved by thousands.  These folks, NAH especially, are not faceless elected officials deserving of your condemnation.

reftalkThey are committed to cultivating the well- rounded and inclusive development of bike polo, to pushing the boundaries of competition for all that commit themselves to it, and to actualizing the full history-making potential of a fringe sport.  There are efforts that have failed and fallen short—but make no mistake, it is not for lack of trying.  Personally, I have witnessed many a pick-up game or tournament interrupted by NAH phone calls about rules, reffing, or representation.  I have experienced firsthand the frustration caused by spending more time organizing than playing the sport you love.


These are situations NAH organizers and board members take on for the love and growth of the sport.  NAH was created only a few years ago by a handful of enthusiastic players, Ben (and if you know Ben, you understand his level of enthusiasm is infectious) and Kev specifically, now leaders passionate about supporting and growing this community.  It is this small collection of VOLUNTEERS working to organize the very sport/community that has brought us together, in community and critique.  But, a critique is only as valid as the solutions it offers in resolution of the issue in question.

I implore you to take your critique to the next level and position yourself to be a part shaping NAH projects and public presence for the sake and future of bike polo.  Use your energy to volunteer for NAH, join and/or start a committee, offer to volunteer

Fathers Day Bike Polo (61) (Copy)

at the North American Championship or regional qualifier, create history, leave a legacy.  Contact me directly if you want to get involved.  And yes, I am telling you what to do.

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  1. Horse says:

    most important line in this article:

    “But, a critique is only as valid as the solutions it offers in resolution of the issue in question”

    Otherwise you’re just offering noise.

  2. Jenn Gallup says:

    Awesome! I’m loving the call to action, here. Thanks, Britt!

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