Gunk Hats: Beautiful Caps, Made by a Polokin


The very first bicycle cap I got came from Horse, who bought it online from some place far, far away from where we lived at the time (we lived in the same building, not the same apartment. Though that would be a pretty spectacular Odd Couple situation). It pretty much became a part of me until I lost it/got other cycling caps.

The thing about a well made cap is, simply, that you can’t imagine riding your bike or going to a tourney without it. It sets your tone, as it were, and when you get one that is just right, it makes you feel like a million bucks.

Well, for a considerable amount less than that, you can get a Gunk Hat made by polo player Annie.


Editor’s note: I find it super cute that there are people hiding behind the little panels of paper to show off the hat. What are you doing back there?

I first encountered her caps (well, more appropriately, I first realized she made them) at the recent Philly A/B tourney. She had a few with her and I was impressed both with how good they looked, and how customized she was able to make them, based on want.  I then asked her for an interview, which she was super happy to do:

Who are you, and what are you selling

I’m Annie, I’m selling cycling caps made with love and fun fabrics.

IMG_0370What varieties do you have?

On the storenvy site I have ~35 light hats and a few wool ones.  But I really like making custom winter wool hats with ear covers or hats out of peoples old favorite bandannas or shirts.



How can someone get in touch with you to buy? or (for custom orders)

155Why are you selling your caps, and how long have you been selling them for?

I made too many!  Just kidding, I really like spending some good time behind the machine cranking out fun caps for people to wear.  I’ve been doing this for 5-6 years now. Sheesh.

How did you learn to make them?

I took apart a cheap hat from Performance and made one out of neon yellow fleece to match a funky jacket I made in the same fabric.  I’ve been sewing since before I could ride a bike though.

IMG_0405What separates your caps from other ones I could buy?

 I keep my prices lowish, I go lower if need be.  I feel like I have a fairly good sense of fabric choice and appeal to both fashionable men and women.  Plus, I make custom hats for SUPER BIG HEADS and really tiny heads, so everyone can have the cycling cap of their dreams.
Plus, hell yea keep the money in the polo community, it will probably go to that beer I give you at the next tournament after you beat my team.
IMG_0016So hop on over to her cap-site and take a gander at some of the awesome caps she has for sale there. If there is something you’d like in particular, take a chance and send her an email. Caps make you cooler, it’s a fact, and why not get your cap made by a polo player?!
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One comment

  1. Horse says:

    I have a HUGE head! and my Gunk Hat is by far my favorite!
    Thanks annie!

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