Is there such a thing as sneaking around on court?

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We have a particular player on our club, Carter, who is the ninja-ist ninja player I’ve ever encountered. He is quiet on the court, is able to dodge around other players, and sneaks up on my blind side to steal the ball more than I care to admit. Sure, he’s only 13 or something, but after he steals from me (and laughs…he has this flippin’ laugh!) my first though is “I wonder how far I could throw him.”

But that’s one of the things that makes the kid great–he’s exceptionally good at sneaking around the court. It’s a rare thing to encounter and I’m curious about how much of a place that kind of strategy has.

Naturally there are some limitations. With only five other people on the court during a match, you’re not going to be lost in the crowd. But I do believe there are ways to make yourself less conspicuous and more likely to ninja the ball away from an opposing player.

all ahead fullFor instance, I think always pedaling at least a little bit when you’re behind a distracted (working the ball, looking ahead of themselves for a shot/pass, etc.) is a great idea. It stops your freewheel from clicking and gives you what I like to think of as operational silence. I’m not saying that the opponent is forgetting that you’re back there, but they might have a bad judgement about how far away you are. Swoop in and take that ball, Polo-san.

Another great way to make yourself more of a sneak is to mask just how quickly you can go–or lull the other player to sleep with slower movement until you start mashing. You’re counting on the other player to be slower on the uptake, but even a second’s worth of a head start can give you advantage.

Stretch Armstrong imageWhy not try to do the same thing with your mallet reach? Let the other polokin think you can’t possibly reach the ball from where you’re at, and then snake it away from them. Again, this counts on a lot of other variables, but if you can manage it, there will be an equal share of frustration from the other player as there is accomplishment from you.


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