NAH Website Woes: Who’s to BLAME?!


With the roll-out of the new “Voting” website, there have been a QUAGMIRE of mistakes and errors (1), leading to perhaps the greatest failure in NAH history.

Today, just after hailing the great success of their newest voting web portal, the NAH released the following statement:

NAH DownNo big deal? NO BIG DEAL, NAH?

Hundreds of bike polo players are now disenfranchised as the website is now “practically inaccessible” according to the writer of this article.


Thanks, Obama

This only illustrates the continued problems that the NAH has experienced with the bloated, under-developed efforts to further the political aims of Chairman Kruse.

With 2014 nearly upon us, this most recent flub throws into doubt whether bike polo will exist in the new year, much less if we’ll be able to argue over rules we only barely understand.

More as this story develops.


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One comment

  1. Horse says:

    before NAHweb-gate, i had no problem logging onto the internet.
    Now, i have Hep C and an ingrown toenail and my aunt is unemployed.
    Thanks alot Kruse.

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