I’m Looking for Women


To write for Lancasterpolo.com!

My post yesterday stirred up a lot of discussion among ladies and gents in polo, and that’s just swell. I was relieved that nobody thought I was being a sexist jackass, and excited by how much the article was shared all over Facebookland.

However, Adam Hite brought up a really great point concerning the fact that I was a guy writing about ladies:






I engaged in the conversation a little bit, and recognized that there was certainly a lack of female-centric, female written articles about the sport. I think this is dumb.

To that end, I’m opening up an invitation for any and all female bike polo players to become a contributing writer to this blog. I’m looking for someone who:

  • Can dedicate at least some time every other week to writing an article (about anything, really, but it’s especially good if it’s about women in the sport)
  • of at least 400 words

Alternately, this is a call to female players to create their own bike polo blog that addresses the particular challenges, successes, and experiences of gals in bike polo. If that were to happen, consider me johnny-on-the-spot to help out with getting the ball rolling.

Either way, I’m open for applications, questions or interests: mlkabik(at)gmail(dot)com.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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    • Crusher says:

      I just had the very same thought

      • Gustavo Prieto says:

        May I suggest a theme for an article?
        Could you write about when players should start trying clipless pedals. The benefits and downsides. And do you think eventually any player that wishes to evolve his game will play clipless?
        Thanks Crusher.

        • Crusher says:

          I’ll give it a try. I tried to go clipless, but it was my first go and I hurt myself.

          And I don’t know: I see the advantages of clipless, and most top shelf players roll clipless, so you might be on to something with that thought.

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