You Can’t Define Bike Polo Yet


With the posting of my article what will kill bike polo came a slew of people reaching out to me, telling me I was way off base. After I stopped giggling at how they took my writing seriously, I realized that one of the major complaints (besides the bench format thing), was how I assumed that bike polo needed to become something more.

They were upset, more or less, at how I was defining bike polo, and how that definition disagreed with their own understanding of the sport. I thought this was an interesting thing to get upset about, as I was under the impression in my own mind that you really couldn’t define what bike polo was–as far as legitimacy or sport or whatever.

Not to put too fine a point on it: saying what bike polo is, or will be, is the same as telling people your newborn baby is going to be a brain surgeon. Sure, it’s nice thinking, but the kid still hasn’t figured out anything more than how to poop and cry, so maybe give the little fella some time to work itself out, right?

That’s the second time that babies have come up in writing today. Maybe I’m nesting.

Bike polo is the same thing as that little poop-factory. It’s so young and underdeveloped–how can any of us really say what it is or what it’s going to be? It’s a nonsensical argument. I get it, some folks want it to stay punk. They want it to stay DIY and tiny. That’s fine.

Other folks want it to go to ESPN levels of recognition, with full sponsorships, TV coverage and sportswriterswhomakealivingwritingaboutpoloohgawdyes. And that’s fine, too.

But let’s be honest in both camps: none of us have a slightest idea of what bike polo is going to be ten days from now, much less ten years. It simply is what it is, and there are forces at work who are guessing, at best, how they can affect it.

So before we start going after each other over semantics, let’s recognize that all we’ve got at this point is a bunch of people who are really passionate about the game & who don’t want to see it disappear. Let’s meet up again in five or so years to see how the dictionary entry is coming together.

Except for you, GOALHOLE. You keep rocking that polo dictionary.

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