Where’d You Get That Name? (Best Nickname Story Contest)


Hey all,

Well, we haven’t had an event together in quite a while, so I’m going to run an impromptu contest today! and it’s the



The rules are super simple: write up your nickname and how you got it in the comments below. The one that is the most interesting/funny/weird to me wins.

And what do you win?

You (you lucky devil you) get to either have your interview put up on this illustrious site, or you can pose a topic for yourself and I to debate/conversate about, the results of which will go up on Lancaterpolo (it could be any sort of topic loosely or closely bound to bike polo. I don’t care.).

If neither of those prizes really do it for you (but you still want to share your story), feel free to share anyway–I’m not gonna force you into anything, baby.

Okay, I’ll start:

Crusher: well, I like to say that my name comes from the fact that I was very physical when I first started playing, but that’s not why I got the name. There were a few nicknames that were being assigned to me by the club including bear jew (I’m Jewish and hairy), Lefty (duh), and Moustache Matt (again, duh), but none of them really stuck. Then Lumberjack posted a video featuring “The Crusher” from an old Looney Tunes cartoon, and that name stuck immediately. So basically my name comes from a cartoon character.

See, see how easy it is? We’ll see if this contest turns into a horrible flaming crash of an effort of if you goons and goonets join in–I’m hoping you do.

Anyway, leave your nickname story below. I look forward to reading it!

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  1. josh says:

    early on in the edmonton bike polo scene, the founding members of our club (and i think all the members of our club at that time- 4) were in a garage drinking some beers and having a barbeque. a thunderstorm started rolling in, and we considered this the ideal time to do some sprints and skids in the alley. it started pouring rain. then came the lightning and thunder. and wind gusts. serious ones, like 60-80 km/hour. “it’s like a hurricane!” i said. being that we were 1000km inland, and that’s from the west coast, the two east coast guys (who have actually experienced hurricanes) just sort of looked over me, shook their heads, and there, “hurricane josh” was born.

  2. Bruiner says:

    BrunDog because I made out with a dog once.

  3. Slapdick says:

    I had a pretty crazy night of partying during my freshman year in college. I don’t remember the night, but I was given the monicker “Slapdick” for about 2 years. Use your imagination. Your guess is as good as mine regarding what happened. There’s a really great chance that it had nothing to do with sex because I’m pretty terrible at getting laid.

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