RYB Denim Indiegogo Campaign has Launched!

ryb denim

The fine folks at RYB Denim (polo players and bike lovers, one and all) have just launched their Indiegogo campaign. As it says on the site:

Whether you ride daily for work, out with friends, as sport or any other reason in between and beyond, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your jeans feel great, look great, and will last? 


RYB Denim is focused on creating jeans for women that flatter your shape, breathe and stretch as you ride, and look great on and off your bike. 

A dream that is inspired by the growing number of women riding every where, every day, we need your help to make this a reality. 

Your contributions will help us provide female cyclist’s around the world with a pair of jeans that will enhance the enjoyment and freedom they feel while riding their bike!

Go check out the web page and please do support this looks-to-be-awesome product launch!


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  1. brook says:

    ryb’d for your pleasure

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