Is it EVER Worth Pursuing?

come at me bro

Here’s something stupid I do:

Whenever we’re in play and the guy from the other team rolls back into his defensive half to reset, I pursue him. Maybe not all the time, but a fair amount of the time. Then that guy (being stronger in leg like almost every single player in my club), slips past me and I’m out of the play.

And I’m left up there, alone, watching those evil fellows try to defile the chastity of my goal.

I can hear you now, brave reader: but Crusher, you’re in a great position now if the ball is knocked back! But Crusher, if you would have gotten the ball, it’d be a break away! 

You stop that gum flappin’. You stop it.

The truth is, pursuing the “reset” of the other team (gaining control of the ball and moving back into the defensive zone as to restart a play or simply calm down the play that is occurring) generally leads to your own defensive abilities being destroyed. This was used super-effectively by the Beaver Boys and the Guardians during North Americans. They’d roll back (or would go to about middle court and circle), leaving the other team to either pursue–and get out of position–or to simply watch and eventually fall into the trap of getting too comfortable.

This isn’t to say there aren’t times when pursuing is a great idea: if you know you can get the ball (in that you know your mallet skills are just a touch above the other player) or that you think you can at least disrupt the reset enough to cause an advantageous play to occur, then by all means, pursue; but recognize that you’re going to be taking yourself out of defensive maneuvering closer to your goal if you do so.

Weigh out the pros versus the cons.

Yes, I just thought of Con Air. Yisssss…

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  1. Jeff says:

    Why are you slow?

    I dont remember your play from Asheville :(

    • Crusher says:

      You, as most people do when confused by what I’m saying, think that I’m Matt Krofcheck (Horse). While he does write articles for this site time-to-time, this one was written by me, Matt Kabik (Crusher).

      An easy way to tell the difference: he plays the sport well, I write about the sport well. Also he’s like a foot and a half taller than me, and not quite as round about the middle bits.

      Honest mistake, haha.

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