Announcing: Keystone Classic Tournament 2013


It’s that time of year again: pack up your straw hats and your farm equipment to head on out to Lancaster, PA for the annual Keystone Classic:



You can learn more by visiting the LoBP (ALL HAIL) info page right here, ¬†or just go ahead and register here but generally speaking, it’s a small 16 team cap, and as long as your area is in green as shown in this graphic, your eligible to come:


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  1. lefthandblack says:

    FunkDat. Pa only. Lancaster is just a bunch of racists anyway. Boycott full effect.

  2. Horse says:

    I suggest you check Google for the outline of PA, and then reference it against the ‘GREEN SHADED AREA’ on the map.

  3. lefthandblack says:

    The only thing I’m googlin is your mom.

  4. Horse says:

    ATTENTION: random troll googled my mom. tourney is off.

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