The Triumphant Return: Mallet Headzzzzzz

Mallet Headz

I laughed myself to sleep last night.

Mallet Headz (who you all remember from a while back as those Brazilian sports writing, world-tripping bike polo equipment producers) are back with a new website and new products. It would seem that they’ve expanded their offerings quite a bit, actually, as they now have not only the “2” standard mallet” but also a new 3″ standard mallet (which, I think, is illegal to use in tourney play, is it not?), a 2 inch diameter ultra light mallet (115 grams), and 3 inch diameter “UltraLlite” (misspelling theirs) at 190 grams.

I’d like to bring up, here, the language concerning mallets in the 3.3 version of the NAH ruleset:

§ – The inner diameter of any hole on the mallet head may not exceed 57mm (2.25”)


Most notable are the travel mallets. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t explain how they assemble, but we can safely assume from the picture that:

travel mallet

Oh, well maybe we can’t assume anything, there.

The travel mallets come at about 27 bucks for the standard travel mallet, 28 bucks for the Ultra Lite travel mallet, and 30 bucks for the quite-possibly-illegal 3 inch Ultra Lite Mallet . Each of those has a 12 dollar shipping charge in the 50 states.

On top of those offerings, they still sell shaft grips, Aerospace T6 shafts, and custom end caps.

3 inchAnyway, I invite you to check out their site  and maybe even join their  facebook page.

I think I might just pick up that travel mallet and do a bit of a review on it. You up for that, dear readers?

Let the games commence, and may the odds be ever in your favor, Malletheadz

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