NAH: You’re Doing It Right: Reffing Certification


Just a quick note to bring up something that the NAH is currently working on to help facilitate better/more reffing in the NAH. If you look here on, you’ll find a new site where players can (either now or in the future) investigate training and certification, a “My Training” tab where you can (I suspect) keep track of what training you have achieved.

The site looks clean and professional, and it seems like the aim is to create a certified reffing body for our sport (which is something I and many have been calling for). Over on League of Bike Polo (ALL HAIL) there is a sister post explaining the site and what it aims to do (including a quiz required for at least 1 player on every NA team to take, and required for those who are interested in being a ref for Nationals this year).

This is what I’m talking about with where the NAH needs to go: requirements for participation, certifications, and responsibility. I’m very excited to see where this development leads, and equally excited to be certified as a ref because, frankly, I have a loud voice and those striped shirts are slimming.

Check out the League post here, and don’t forget to check out the new ref NAH site here. Give some deep thought to becoming a ref and shaping this sport in a revolutionary way.

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