I kinda, sorta, maybe disagree with the NAH:


You know me, dear readers, and you know that I–nine times out of ten–support the initiatives and efforts of the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Association. They have the players in mind and are trying to do quite a lot with very little in the way of resources.

Point in fact, I’ve come out and supported them on this blog quite often, so you could say that I’m kinda an ally of the NAH, if you wanted to.

So imagine my surprise when I came to disagree with this facebook post:

NAH post

Here’s the thing: I don’t disagree that polo players should go to the LoBP (ALL HAIL!) forums to weigh in on the posts that Nick Kruse has graciously put together. I think it’s great that bike polo is able to create a forum for actual changes to the rules. We’re a young sport, and community involvement is very important. My disagreement is purely a philosophical one.


representatitiveI voted on representatives, and in that vote I said, essentially, “I trust this person (these people) to represent me in the meetings and decisions of the NAH.” They are my voice in that organization, and I expect them to act as such.

In turn, I expect one of them to reach out to my region to ask about what I believe changes should be to the rulesets, and for them to echo that back to the NAH rules committee. 

If I wanted to go to the extreme side of things, I’d pose this question (which is probably easy to answer, really, but all the same): if the NAH isn’t willing to utilize the power structure they have created–the hierarchy they’ve invented to help facilitate an over-arching body within North American bike polo–how can I respect them enough to listen to anything at all that they say?

Clearly I don’t actually believe that, I got mad polo-love for everyone in the NAH, but I think the point still stands: if we are electing people to represent us, why are we skipping those people when it comes to speaking directly to the NAH? Why aren’t they talking to us, and then honing all of our (their regions) message down to a concise, non-forum-fluster-cluck message for the NAH board? If there isn’t a regional level representative to discuss rules with regional players, why not? Seems to me that’s an important element to the game as a whole.

So, to answer the NAH in the first paragraph of their message: No, I don’t have myself to blame – I’m a player, not a representative. I have my representative to blame for not representing me.

That being said: You’d better go out to the forums and make your voice heard, because that’s how it works right now – which is awesome. Messy, but awesome.

But I suspect and believe that this won’t always be the case – nor should it be. Not if we want to escape months and months of arguing and frustration.


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