Lancaster Goes to DC

Well, some of Lancaster. The rest were too lame to make the hour long trip for funtime polo.

Troy, Karl, Yeager and I made the skip & jump down to DC this Sunday in order to play some very pleasant, very fun polo.

I mean, once their players started showing up. We were the first ones on the court and as such had the ancient right to put stickers on their goals and pee in various spots on the court. It appeared we were not the first ones to do so.

DC made us feel welcome (as always) and showed us a thing or two about how to play the sport. I had my first ever Empanada, too (which Jess explained to me as a clam hand motion when I asked her what it was–so that was helpful), and I gotta say those things are worth the trip down to DC.

We played simple pickup, and before my heart decided to get over-excited (with Bobby sweating all over the court, how couldn’t it?) I was having a blast. The court surface in DC is tennis paint, so it grips and holds just like we all grew up with. It’s a smaller court, to be sure, but not as small as what I’m used to at RVA. No, I think it was just about the perfect size for some good breakaways and clever mallet work.

After a full day of polo, Lancaster promptly left the city and hit traffic twice. But with good company in the car, who the hell cares about not moving for thirty or so minutes, amiright?

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