Say Hello To EARL – Trek’s Polo Bike


Ted brought this to my club’s attention just moments ago, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to share it will all of the polo universe: the Trek Earl.

According to the website, this bike is the “affordable, get around bike built for…well actually let me just show you:


I’m not sure if they just made a mistake with terms when they wrote “polo field” or if they actually meant grass polo – I suspect they intended hardcourt (don’t worry, I’ll follow up with them). Coming in at 529.99 USD complete, the bike ranges from 49cm to 61cm and features an integrated bottle opener.

Bottle opener, guys.

I particularly appreciated that they allowed a recently graduated arts major to do the write up for highlights:


Anyway, check it out here and tell me if any of you have seen one puddering around.


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  1. Bob says:

    I remember the Trek guys brought these and a ton of beer to the NA’s in Madison. They had couches and shade and free beer! They were awesome, the bikes are meh

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