What the hell are you doing?!


You get the ball, and you have a clean shot at the goal. Sure, there is a goalie there, but you have been working on your shooting and can probably take a pretty good crack at making a goal.

So, like any great polo player before you, you pass the ball blindly behind you?! WTF are you doing??

Ok, let’s talk about another example: you are trying to strip the ball from another player, your first attempt fails, so – using your wit and cunning, you roll away from the play with your mallet dragging behind you ohcomeonman!

This kinda junk happens all the time (I do it all the time, at least), and it’s just as frustrating for someone watching as it is for–I hope–the person who does it.

It’s two very different things: knowing how to play and actually playing well. A player can easily get wrapped up in themselves and worry about things which don’t matter, like:

  • Do I look impressive?
  • Do I look cool?
  • What if I mess up?

Frankly, and I mean this sincerely, none of that really matters. Okay, maybe looking cool matters, but not as much as you’d think. Besides, that’s what your mustache and jorts are for.

Great play is made up of tiny intelligent actions. Practicing against your bad instincts is what’s going to make you a stronger player. So you’re nervous about making a shot on the goal and would rather pass to another player–think about whether that’s the smartest play. If you have control and a clear shot on goal, chances are you should take that bloody shot. If your worried about missing the goal, keep pedaling towards it after your shot, as you’ll have a better chance of recovering the ball.

For the love of Hot Balls, don’t take a shot on goal and then do that dumb dramatic, wide turn away from the goal. We all get it – you’re upset you missed. You’re disappointed–stop acting and start playing.

When I saw this tendency in myself, I got wicked angry. It’s such an easy way to throw out any tenacity or advantage you have.

And there’s my rant for the day. You’re welcome.

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