50 pictures from Hot and Heavy polo

July 6th Polo (24)

This Saturday was very cool for many reasons, none of them being the blistering heat coming from mother nature’s sweaty pits.

We had guests Rob, Peter and Greg B., it was my first polo day since my heart wussed out on me, and it also counted as my birthday polo adventure.

Overall, I felt pretty alright playing. I tried to take it easy via consistent time in goal and sitting out every other game. My ol’ ticker seemed to appreciate that. Outside of that, it was hot as all get-out and I think most of us were thoroughly exhausted by the end of play.

Here are some pictures to enjoy of the festivities, courtesy of our resident much-better-than-I-will-ever-be photographer, Gretchen. I hope your long-weekend polo happy fun times were just as…uh…happy funnish.

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  1. Rod says:

    Sorry I missed the fun.

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