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I’m a jealous guy, I’ll admit it.

GOALHOLE has recently had some stickers made up, and I desire to have them all over my things. And it got me to thinking, “self, you have some time on your hands/don’t have any stickers for Lancasterpolo…”

So, it’s with no lack of excitement I announce the


The rules are pretty simple, as I am a simple person:

  1. The sticker must feature somewhere on it 
  2. The sticker must be black and white (or have the ability to be made black and white for sticker making)
  3. Sticker should be able to fit on a bike or wheel cover (nothing that will lose too much detail with shrinking, if need be)
  4. Enter as many times as you want. Let the creativity flow
  5. We will accept entries until July 27th (one month from today)
  6. I will select the one that I like the most, and will  be the sole judge on the matter
  7. If your sticker is selected as the #1 sticker, you agree that I can have rights to it (so I can print it up/distribute it as I see fit. Hooray legalities!)
  8. Since I’m the only one judging, members of Lancaster United are welcome to enter as well, but I’ll probably judge you guys more harshly than anyone else
  9. If for some reason I can’t decide between two stickers, I’ll make them both the winner and both people will receive equal-as-possible prize packs
  10. Open to the entire world. Looking at you, Luxembourg.

Prizes will include:

  • 25 of the stickers for yourself
  •  a feature on the site (interview or otherwise)
  • Your sticker graphic displayed on the main page for at least a year or so. Probably for longer than that
  • Some other stuff once I think this through a bit more – I’ll keep you updated as I come up with more things for you to win

The image can be anything – even a clever phrase like “I learned nothing from” is fair game.

You can submit your sticker ideas to me via: mlkabik(at)gmail(dot)com

I will announce winner(s) on July 31st.  Let me know if you have questions, and good luck!


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  1. Jeff from Winston Salem says:

    What size will these be normally? Full wheel cover or sticker size?

    Want your website address or just Lancaster polo?

    • Crusher says:

      These will be about 4×4 inches or there about. And it should be the website address (I’ll clarify that in the rules right now)

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