The importance of toughing it out: the long day games

upset kid

Last Sunday – when we had special guest Kruse and hot dogs and children running around and Gene wearing spandex and flying kites and whatever, we played some pretty intense games. Ok – I played some pretty physically demanding games for myself. Half of it was energy from having someone who challenged our typical happy-fun-time nature (though Kruse wasn’t being a jerk by any means, he’s just a very good player), and half of it was my own ego not wanting to look like a goon.

But, a little before closing time, I started getting really sluggish. I saw what I needed to do and knew what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t do it. I decided to call it quits for the day.

However, I was the sixth player, and the boys told me I had to stay – that I’d ruin¬†everything¬†if I left. So I stayed, because I’m scared of what they’d do to me.

And I learned something really valuable in the three games we played as the rain came in:

I should forget those lousy jerks and just go home when I want to.

fat kid 2I was soooo tirrreddd, dear reader. And sticky, and I couldn’t do anything. And I’m so larrrggeee.

It was horrible. I wasn’t happy and Lumberjack yelled at me for whining and I wasn’t whining I was just expressing myself God Lumberjack my legs felt like two heavy dumb things.

Anyway, I realize that there is probably a lesson in there about powering through your limitations and building up your endurance.


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  1. Jeff from Winston Salem says:

    Time for hill sprints! Seriously though how many polo players go to the gym for cardio?

  2. Creamy says:

    On Wednesday nights there are street hockey players who play pickup next to our courts. Some of us joined in for a couple of games. Holy crap. Play 30 min of street hockey and you realize how many opportunities there are in polo for conserving energy.

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