Things to do when you can’t play bike polo.

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This week I have the distinct pleasure (read: I am sleeping like a stone and spending every waking hour at home playing minecraft) with my little nephew, Ben. While he is a treat to have around, he also makes it very hard to do much of anything else outside of PLAYINGFREAKINGMINECRAFT EVERY.WAKING.HOUR. It’s one of the reasons I didn’t have anything to post yesterday. It would have all been about creepers playing our sport and how to craft the perfect mallet using diamonds and two sticks of wood.

But I digress – since I and the lady have the little guy running around, I’ve missed polo on Sunday and am going to miss it again today. I’m not really upset about it (after all, it gives everyone else a chance to not smell me  work on their own goal tending), but it did lead me to miss the game quite a bit. I found myself searching for ways to be involved in the polo mindset without actually playing polo.

I came up with quite a few things, actually, and I provide them here to help out any wayward poloista who finds him or herself away from the game:

1. Watch Bike Polo Videos: Mr. Do has plenty out there, not to mention all of the ones you can find on Vimeo and Youtube. You can almost smell the PBR and viewing can have the outside chance of making you learn a few new moves.

2. Check your equipment: (place genital joke here). How often have you checked your mallet/helmet/gloves/etc. to make sure they aren’t just a hair away from failure? Being stuck away from the courts provides a great opportunity to check out your equipment and make any repairs/replacements before you look like a goon on the court.

3. Read some bike polo blogs: In particular, 321 Polo!, GOALHOLE, Top Shelf, or any of the dozens of club/city-specific blogs out in the world. They’ll help you see what’s going on in the polo world & take up plenty of time.

note: Yeah, I know that last one seems self serving, but I’m serious. Most polo blogs (this one excluded) are run by people who love the sport and know what they are talking about. Lots to learn from them, and a good way to get excited about the game even when you’re not courtside). 

4. Make prank calls to players during pickup time: They’re at the courts and you’re not. Is your refrigerator running?

5. Figure out what you want to practice next pickup day OR practice at home: So your dog has the poops and you can’t leave it alone for more than 15 minutes – a likely situation for you, especially considering that you gave your poor pug a bag full of marshmallows and tuna fish. How about you break out your mallet and work on your ball control? Or just work on staying on your bike while making slow, awkward turns? Just cause you can’t be at polo doesn’t mean you can’t work on your skills, Holmes.

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