What Fresh Hell Is This?

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“Bike polo experiences” sounds like some sort of romance novel that hasn’t been written yet – but it turns out a company called Kirrawee Events is offering just that: A paid experience in bike polo. The website offers “bike polo events across London and the south east” for the low low price of 75 pounds (for one person) or 330 pounds (for a group). Hell, for 1,200 pounds you can get bike polo brought to you!

They also offer the following pieces of equipment for your purchasing pleasure:

bike polo gear london

Curious about why the hell anyone would pay to play for the first time (or second, or third, of fourth), I took a look at the about page:

Where what when and why?

Kirrawee Events have been entertaining groups of people since 1999, via our sister site landyachting.co.uk

 In 2012 we launched bikepolo.co.uk  to bring you a fast, exciting, new experience that is less dependent on the weather.

 Bike polo as we know it today is a very new game, although a game of sorts was first played in 1891 becoming an Olympic demonstration sport in 1908 

​We play in several spaces in and around the small coastal town of Lydd, our team also offer matches across the south east and London

While this is more or less just goofy as hell to me, it must be pretty frustrating to the London bike polo scene – I can imagine they don’t want to be misrepresented nor push a away prospective players due to the idea that it takes 75 pounds to start.

Anyone out there know what the hell is going on?

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