Some Ideas For Memorial Day Polo

memorial day
  1. If you have veterans in your club, let them play every game until they don’t want to anymore. If you don’t, ask yourself what kind of lame people you hang  out with. 
  2. Force the newest player to cook hot dogs for you all day. If you’re a vegan/vegetarian, force the newest player to hunt quinoa for you.
  3. Every time your team makes a goal, raise a mallet in the same manner as the famous Iwo Jima picture:WW2_Iwo_Jima_flag_raising
  4. Eat as many burgers as you can as a club and then have a competition to see who can hold them in the longest while playing fast games.
  5. Roman Candles. Because of reasons.
  6. Find a Drill Sergeant willing to come out as a “new player” and have them harass a player from your club until they cry.
  7. Ask your club to bow their heads for a few moments to honor Memorial Day. Then just don’t let them stop doing it. See how long you can make that go on.
  8. Every time someone scores, require that they shout “‘MERICA, F*CK YEAH! (I don’t know how you say the asterix either) and then drink a shot of Jack Daniels.
  9. Bring roses for every empty PBR can your club creates.
  10. Put up a Christmas Tree at your court and don’t talk about it.



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