Congratulations, you lucky bastard.

meg and matt and pip

I wanted to feature this on a day that I typically have content, so it might be a bit early, but I wanted to take the time to congratulate Horse on his upcoming marriage to his longtime love, Meagin.

meaginAs much as I enjoy mocking him in front of others and even in private (he cries during those times, and that’s where I gain my powers), I can say without any touch of snark that he’s got a great thing going with Meg, and that I’m sure his happiness will increase ten fold when they become a married couple. Lord knows she is more than what he deserves. Oops there I go busting his chops oh well.

I first met Horse and Meg at the same time Рduring a first Friday in Lancaster- and  we hit it off right away. My wife and I felt like we lucked out in meeting such cool people, and decided right off the bat to move to Lancaster. Seriously. Since that point

I love the both of you cats, and I hope for all happy things in your lives.

Maybe a bit outside of the scope for this blog, but it’s important to me, so you’ll have to suffer through it, dear reader. And while your at it, send a little congratulatory note to the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs.

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