Darby Got a New Rig: EighthInch Butcher

Butcher Bike Polo (7)

Darby just got ahold of his brand new EighthInch Butcher, and got a chance to play on it yesterday at pickup. Obviously he can’t say anything about it yet other than “Yeah, this is an improvement,” but in the future we’ll have a review by Darbinator of the Butcher for you. Until then, enjoy a few pictures of the Rootbeer ¬†flavored Butcher.

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  1. Trace says:

    Congrats Darby! That is a good color for you, kinda dirt-like…

  2. Alias says:

    Shambel was playing on one for a short bit. He didn’t like all the BMX ISO. Other than that, I’m surprised this bike isn’t more popular.

  3. Alex Kado says:

    How has the bike held up? I have been debating getting this, or the eightinch scrambler, or the pake rum runner. Thoughts?

  4. Darby says:

    I love it – It’s held up great. I had an issue with the stem slipping originally and ended up replacing that. Otherwise I’ve not made any changes to it. Hoping to switch to disc brakes at some point, but the existing brakes have been just fine, with the exception of playing in the rain. Overall, It handles well, it’s comfortable – and my game has improved immensely since picking this up. I recommend it.

    Full disclosure though – this is my first legit polo bike. The first two bikes I was using were not great – cheap and thrown together and had lots of issues. So that’s what I have to compare this to. I’m also not a ‘bike guy’ in general – so when when folks start talking about measurements, this fork, that fork, this frame, yada yada – that stuff tends to be all greek to me. So take my thoughts for what they are worth.

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