Why I’m Ok With a $60 Mallet


Two or three years ago, we used to head off to tournaments with a trunk full of mallets. Scott ski poles were favorites and we knew where every ski shop was in a 10 mile radius.

Now, I bring two mallets to pickup (one just in case a newbie forgets), and order my mallets from the comfort of my office at work.  I also pay 60 times as much.

I’m totally fine with that. Why? A few reasons:

  • I no longer have to rely on the shadier guys (no disrespect, much thanks) in my club to hop the fence at the natural gas provider and steal some pipe, nor do I have to beg ski rental places for their dented unreliable cast offs.
  • I don’t need to break out the table saw to cut my heads to length, and I don’t need a bunch of screws to attach a cap.
  • I don’t need to stick a bunch of mallets in the fence during games for when my mallet inevitably folds in upon itself, and I don’t need to lug around 10 mallets in my polo bag.

At this point, you’re either nodding your head saying “yea…right on”, or you’re still ranting on about how none of those things bother you and you have a solution to all of them. No one is listening.

Well, then here is my final reason. Finally, someone, in fact, multiple someone’s, are making polo specific mallets that are lasting WAY longer than anything we’ve used in the past. The trade off is you actually have to buy them.   Just like you had to for your custom drilled 48’s and couplers.  Get over it.   You can’t spout your hatred for progression from atop a Fleet Velo.

My current mallet, my day to day, tourney, pickup, everything mallet, my favorite mallet, cost about $65 including shipping. Its 6 months old, straight as an arrow, and the head has another 4 months of life in it. Even if I retired it tomorrow, that’s $11 bucks a month, or $1.37 per night of pickup. I can swing that.


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