Heads Up, Buttercup


As some of you may know (and most do not, I guess), I’m finishing up the last semester of my MFA in Creative Writing.

funny-not-today-meme-college-studentYes, while the majority of it is starshine and rainbows, making up stories and hacking down fellow writers with big words and overly explained suggestions, sometimes it actually requires some work. 

I’m kinda at that point right now: I am within the last 5k words of my 50k required count for the manuscript of stories I’m putting together, and I’ve got to focus in on that.

As such, I might not post as regularly for the next…oh…let’s say week or so. I think you guys will survive just fine-but I didn’t want you to think I was just slacking off (if it’s ever a question, assume I am).

But don’t count me out, either. There are often contributors to this blog and I might find a few minutes to step away from the next great American Short Story collection to write about grown men calling out “he’s coming on your back hard.”


Until then.

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