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Oftentimes players run into a problem where they have a fellow player running up to the opposing team’s goal and the D begins to swarm. As far as my own club goes, we generally (and we’re starting to work on this more, but for now) circle around each-other and try to find an open shot or a team-mate posts near the goal and waits for a dish.

I made up the name for the strategy – it might already have one,  but if I had to make up an acronym for it, it’d be:








and that’s just going to work for everyone, okay?

Let’s say you’re hustling up the lane with a friendly to your left and a bogie to your right. Let’s also assume you’re right handed, and that’s why the defender happens to be on that side.

Instead of trying to beat the defender, us their desire to block your shot against them: simply pass to your friendly (under your BB, let’s say) and they’ll already have a mallet in place to receive. You then immediately have a pick for your own player and they have an open shooting lane.

Badda boom, you’ve done the S.H.I.E.L.D. strategy!

I saw it a few times down in D.C. and I guess it never occurred to me that this kinda setup worked, but whenever a team used it, it worked wonderfully–and this is me sharing that wonderfulness with you.

I’d use some images to illustrate this, but I haven’t the time (and I think it’s pretty understandable with the pictures in your head, no?)

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