Get the Stank Out: Dealing with smelly polo gloves


Things I can be guaranteed of when I open my polo bag:

  1. A variety of bike parts
  2. A can of Old Bay
  3. balls
  4. Tape that always gets stuck to my hands when I reach in there
  5. half of a tool set
  6. the wafting smell of my own sweaty mitts, preserved in my Enforcer Gloves.

And I can put up with everything but that smell. I mean, even now, in the dead of winter, it’s horrible.

So imagine my happiness when Ken Regehr of Northern Standard  sent me a link explaining a few ways to get the stank out of my gloves. The advice comes from Wikihow, and while aimed at boxing gloves, it’s certainly pertinent to any sort of glove with any sort of horrible, mind altering smells.

Here’s the meat:

  • Put your gloves in the freezer overnight (in a ziploc bag)
  • Dry them completely after use (in the sun or with a fan)
  • Spray them with anti-bacterial spray
  • Avoid keeping them in your bag (this doesn’t seem likely for most polo players, but if you can, throw them in your car and/or just somewhere in your house next to your bag. You’ll forget them, yes

I think you can freeze your gloves and just avoid closing them in your bag as a first step – but if you notice that the smell isn’t leaving, maybe move over to anti-bacterial spray and what not.

So there you have it! Check out the article here and let me know your tips for keeping the smell out.

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