Cold Sweat, Busted MILKS, Chilly Knees

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Polo last night was exactly what I needed. Fast, intense games with lots of laughing and tequila. There were some one-sided sweeps like when Hylon, Yeager and I completely destroyed Lumberjack, Horse, and Karl (history isn’t written by the winners, guys. It’s written by the guy with a website, ftw). Overall, though, it was just a great night of very competitive games that somehow didn’t come off as overly serious or “tourney practice.”

We did have some frustrations though. For one thing, Lumberjack somehow left one of his mallets – yes, dear reader, the very mallet which had the MILK head I gave him out of the kindness of my heart – at the court last time he played. Well, some crooked bastards found it and decided “how can I make sure that everyone who finds this mallet despairs for the human species” and proceeded to slam it on the ground/run over it/dry hump it into oblivion: 


I mean – come on, man. Come on.

20130206_173820_resizedSurprisingly (or unsurprisingly if you really like MILK heads), Lumberjack was able to use the mallet for the entire night. Even all jacked up like this. Sure, it probably affected his game a little, but I was impressed that, after being assaulted by a deranged walrus, it still managed to work as a decent mallet.


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