Open Call For a New Lancaster United Bike Polo Sponsor


Well, it was a lovely year for Lancaster United Bike Polo in regards to our first sponsor, Cycle Circle. All good things, however, come to an end, and the bike shop decided to not renew their sponsorship of our club for this year. While it’s always sad to part ways, Cycle circle did help our club get some top-of-the-line equipment and we helped them increase their web presence and website visits. Win-win for everyone.

But our loss is your GAIN! …hopefully.

We’re looking for a new sponsor for our club, and we’ll be happy to give back in return.

What does sponsorship mean for Lancaster United?

Sponsorship, in the eyes of our club, is anything that helps us get to tourneys, get equipment, or secure the other day-to-day costs of running a healthy club. We are happy to be sponsored by way of free or discount equipment, a monetary contribution, or anything else that helps us play the sport we love.

What does sponsorship mean for You? 

Sponsoring a bike polo club can seem like an odd investment for a business or organization, but rest assured it’s money well spent. For one thing, you’ll be earning the good will and reciprocated support of a club full of people who are grateful.

More tangible, however, is the chance to have a full page write up featured on this site and an advertisement placed on the front page, spreading your name and message to anywhere between 5-7 thousand people a month. We’ll also be happy to feature your logo on any upcoming material (team shirts, banners, etc) that we develop, and will feature any banners you provide us in tournaments and Lancaster United Bike Polo events.

It costs less than traditional advertising and I will be happy to work with you for the duration of the sponsorship relationship to update, modify, and market your company, organization or just yourself.


Give it some thought and reach out to me if you think sponsoring Lancaster United Bike Polo would be beneficial to you – speaking for the club, we’ll be grateful for your support and help as we grow and develop.

You can reach me at mlkabik (at) gmail (dot) com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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