Interview with Rob Biddle, Lancaster Polo Renaming Contest Winner

1. You won! How Does it Feel?

KEYSTONE1Thanks, it feels great.  Since you’re forcing me to quantify the satisfaction I felt upon learning I won, lets say its equal to taking my first sip of coffee for the day.

2. How did you come up with the idea for the name (which was, so we all remember, to not change the name?)

Listen, I’ve tried to name MANY things before, its an awful exercise to undertake,  I named my last team for North Americans after the OKCupid profile of a guy who was messaging my ex-girlfriend.  Your moderately widely read blog already had a name, so why put yourself through that torture.

3. That’s about as far as I want to go with the contest – tell me a little bit about your setup (bike, equipment, etc.)

RB BIKEI went back to playing on my first polo frame, a Mercier Kilo TT after my All City Dropout was stolen at the East Side Qualifier in 2012.  My current set up is significantly lighter, feels more responsive, and has a smaller five hole than the drop out, so maybe it was for the best.  When i switched bikes i also dropped my handlebars about 2 inches – I found that greatly improved my accuracy.
I’ve been playing with the 2 3/8″ lathed out white stuff for a while.  It certainly doesn’t have the same pop as a TPL cap, but its readily available and makes mallet building easier.
4. Have you always played for Philly’s club? 
Yes, I’ve lived in Philly for 9 years and played polo for the last 3.
5. What makes your club nifty? What would you like to change? 
PBP CioneI’m good friends with all the regular players, and I live with two of them, Cris and Tommy.  Philadelphia Bike Polo is also the home club of Perry Zanki, who is an International Treasure.  If i could i would double the number of motivated players who regularly come out.  BRING BACK BABY JOEY!
6. Favorite bike polo memory? 
Bad Boy Things finishing 5th Place at the South East Qualifier in 2011 and surprising some much more experienced teams.  This was my first experience with beating legitimate “A” players in a tournament.
7. Do you practice trash talking or does it just come to you naturally? (I do mean that as a compliment – it’s integral to the game and you’re damned good at it). 
I guess I learned any trash talking skill that i have through osmosis.  Years being called a “yuppie faggot” and having eggs/wood/dog shit thrown at us by the Tweens of Philadelphia really paid off.
8. What are some things you wish you were better at in the sport? 
Is massaging Lomax’s delicate psyche related to the sport? (just kidding shout out to JL)
9. Is Philly an insular club?
RB V LOMAXYes and no, we have a pretty good relationship w/ RVA, NYC, Ottawa, ETC.  We just haven’t made the Eastern PA connection with you guys.  I would encourage Lancaster to come visit for pickup one sunday when the weather is looking okay, I plan to come west once or twice myself when i’m able to.
10. What tourneys are you excited for in 2013? 
Flour City Invite V, Toronto Bike Expo, NSPI, Last Stand 4(?), Turducken, East Sides, North Americans (hopefully), and Worlds (hopefully).
Congratulations again, Rob, for winning the contest and thanks for doing the interview. I hope to see you ’round on the court soon.
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  1. lomax's mom says:

    What kind of coffee do you prefer, Rob?

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