Stop Missing Passes: One Quick Trick

I am the king of fumbling passes. I am the Monarch of missed dishes and the royalty of…rahrahrreee roo.

I can’t think of one for royalty.

Anyhoo – I used to have a huge problem with catching laser passes from my team mates, and that was a very frustrating thing, as I’m sure you can imagine. It makes you feel like a jerk when your own guy lines up that perfect, if-he-gets-this-he’ll-score shot and you miss it because it flies over your mallet or deflects away.

Here’s a little sum-sum I learned:

mallet 1

If you try to stop a speeding ball with your mallet on the ground (and your entire arm locked up like a statue), the ball will inevitably not do what you want it to. Instead, it will either rocket away from you, deflect along the length of the mallet head, or hop over your mallet head and roll past you.

Instead of this, try lifting your mallet a little bit and letting your arm be a little loose – this not only traps the ball better, but your arm absorbs the momentum of the ball – making it controllable:

Mallet 2


And there you go. From me to you. Why you’re using a water filled egg for polo, we’ll never know, but now you’re at least prepared.

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  1. Horse says:

    thinking along the lines of phyics, the reason this works is because the ball will deflect forward or down, instead of up like in the first diagram.
    that’ll work.
    what i tend to do is try and ‘catch’ the pass, moving my mallet backward slightly as the ball comes into contact.

    • Alias says:

      Correct, and this is why I think mallets with large side cuts or reduced center cross sections are bad. They deflect upward, and so they don’t really improve ball handling as much as they create a new problem while looking only sorta cool.

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