Naming Contest for Lancaster Polo

I’ve been holding off on making a decision on this, but after 3 very poignant conversations with intelligent folk, I’ve decided that it must be. To that end, I’m happy to announce the




This blog was originally started as a way of gaining visibility and excitement over Lancaster city bike polo. It was meant (at least in my eyes) to be a fun way to keep a community alive online and give me a place to “contribute” what I could to my club (yeah – somehow I thought having a website would be a legit thing to offer up). Anyway, the guys supported me in that decision and this website was born.

Since that point, the site has grown well past our pastoral home to the world at large. The name, as such, doesn’t make much sense. While I’ve tried to create a move in bike polo called “The Lancaster” which involves holding a whiskey bottle while shouting out about Natty Bo and hopping in place, it seems more logical to just change the name.


The contest will run from now until Jan 10th. The newly named site will be up sometime near January 15th, probably.


List your ideas for a new website name in the comments below. I’ll choose the 3 I like the best, and then we’ll put it to a vote. Be as sarcastic, sincere, stupid, or other S words as you like, I can dig it.


You will win $25.00, an interview here, and I will occasionally mention you in posts as having skills you may or may not possess.


Well, get at it, folks. I’m excited for your suggestions. Lemme just make the first one:

There, now you can focus a little more, Robocop.

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  1. Robo says:

  2. Horse says:

  3. Horse says:

  4. Karl Berwyn says:

    Bicycle Benevelence.
    Bruise or lose.
    Smack the surface.
    Cruisin’s for losin’s.
    Beyond the Game.
    Fivehole goal troll.
    One man back.

    I’ll have more later, I’m sure.

  5. Hylon says: which more accurately reflects the players that compose the club.

  6. Rob says:

    Bigger than Lancaster? Lancashire.

  7. Sam says:

    1) comingonyourbackhard.
    2) justawide.
    3) clearlyashuffle.
    4) nickleback

  8. Joe says:

    Just the Tip

    Polo Press

    The Inside Line – (my personal favorite)

    Count It!

    … that’s about it.

  9. MattFaeGlasgow says:

    I like Irregardless, it’s a non word I’ve regularly attempted to bring into common use. Never catches on though. seems fairly accurate. It’s not funny or sarcastic, but it is pretty obvious and will no doubt make you feel like the king of polo/blogs/polo blogs.

  10. Robo says:

    Its Not About The Mallet
    If you’re tired of hipsters you came to the wrong place
    How much can I spend and still suck?
    Lets make this sport gimicky as possible
    What about the vegan option?
    Pipe on a stick
    Its fucking pipe on the end of a stick

  11. Bob says:





  12. some bloke says:

  13. R Biddy says:

    People from around the world read the New York Times. Newtonian law suggests that you should keep your blog’s current name.

    • Crusher says:

      Well, the New York Times is currently failing as a business, so I won’t take my lead from those jerkbags anytime soon. (point taken, Biddlebits)

  14. mathbach says:

    Crush Polo
    Polo Crush

  15. Karl Berwyn says:

    Polo Posin.
    Polo positioning.
    Stop the
    Polo Opposites.
    Below the bars.
    Wildly swinging maniacs.
    Crusher’s Crushes.
    Thru the spokes.
    Spoke poker.
    Off the boards.
    It’s not that you

  16. Paul says:


    or just thehuffingman.

  17. Darby says:



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