My Prettiest Bike Polo Mallet

The use of monochromatic art has been explored throughout the twentieth and twenty first century. Painters, exploring the use of a single color, expressed that value over different surfaces and light, and this durable idiom of contemporary art survives to this very day.

Much like Milton Resnick, An Reinhardt, or Richard Pousette-Dart, I too find myself drawn to the simple elegance of the monochrome. You might say I love the monochrome when used in the right situations. You might go so far as to label me a Monochromantic.

Anway- here is this here mallet that Horse helped me make (helped me in that I supplied the material and he put it together).

  • Milk Ninja Head
  • Milk Mounting System
  • Creamy Shaft
  • Baseball Bat Grip

It’s just beautiful, and I think the Lyrical abstraction and Neo-Dada impressionalism of it is truly closer to the minimalists (here I think of Ryman, Marden, and Stella) than to the more exploratory narration of the European “Blue Epoch.”

I love you, Wikipedia.

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  1. Joe says:

    I have never understood why people wrap their shafts this much (or more). I’ve seen 12″, and saw one mallet wrapped halfway to the head. I wrap mine probably 5-6″. Just enough for my hand. I never choke up and don’t know anyone who does. Maybe it’s a hockey/lacrosse thing?

    • Crusher says:

      Good point – I was a lacrosse player before I was a polo player, and it’s a comfort level thing for me. That’s all.

      • Alias says:

        I have a hypothesis that wrapping long at the grip and head create something of a visual effect that distorts depth and makes a mallet look shorter than it actually is.

        • Horse says:

          the reasonable answer to this is that I wrapped the shaft. And when the tape ran out I stopped. That’s why I love bat tape so much. Its ideal cut-less length. Also, the picture is slightly distorted, I’m guessing there is about 8″ of tape.

  2. Alex K says:

    What kind of wrap did you use? My last couple have been made with Tennis “Overgrip” and I love the feel, but it could be cushionier and the durability isn’t the greatest. Always looking to improve the glove/mallet interface.

    • Crusher says:

      I generally use Easton baseball grip tape, which is a little cushy but has a nice solid feel. If you’re interested in a bit more cushion I’d recommend Field Hockey tape. It seems to last alright and is much more give in it than tennis grip.

  3. lomax's mom says:

    Final Cost?

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