Lancaster Polo 12 days of Xmas

It’s Xmas season, or whatever Kabik celebrates, and no matter your religion, everyone loves getting stuff in packages.  That’s what it’s really all about anyway.  Since 2012 saw the large surge of polo specific gear come to market, gift giving for you polo loved ones (or making your wish list for mom and dad) has gotten whole lot easier.   Here are some recommendations for your 12 Days of Xmas, 2012. Happy Holidays.

1.  Bern Watts Helmet                    $45
Give the gift of safety and a less disgustingly smelly head with a New Bern Watts Hardhat.   Nothing is worse than the 2 year old; sweat logged, moldy padding of an old helmet.   It’s just something that should be replaced every so often.   Your bike bag will thank you.  (Your head might too).


2.  Fixcraft XT Shaft                          $10.99
A super tuff shaft for 11 bucks.   A gift like that just makes sense, for any time of year.




3. Panaracer Ribmo tires               $40 ea
arguably the best tires around for polo, in a variety of 700c and 26” sizes.  Made to last and take the abuse, they also come with a folding bead so you can carry a spare in your bag.



4. ReLOAD Pro Tool Roll                 $30
Because you should have your own tools, and not in a huge box you lug around everywhere.   Throw your  15mm, your spoke wrench, and few allens, and a tire lever in here and you’re good to go.


5. Paul Compact Love Lever         $79 ($49 on fleabay)
Because face it, if you don’t already have one, it’s because you can’t justify an $80 brake lever.   I got mine on ebay, from the seller the hyperlink goes to .    Simply the best feeling lever out there, and like anything from Paul Components, it’s built to last.



6.  DZR Cycling Shoes                      $90-150
If you’re a clipless rider, then the eternal question of “Don’t they make these in a style that doesn’t look like I’m auditioning to be an space cadet?” has been answered by DZR.    They’re stylish, yet fully capable clipless compatible shoes.   Ask around, they’re the shit to have.  Personally, I dig the look of the Dice Blacks, or any of the high-tops for that matter.


7. Northern Standard Gloves      $79
Yep, they’re $80 bucks before shipping.    That’s what xmas is for isn’t it?   Do your knucks a favor.




8. GoPro Hero 3 Camera               $199.99
Why?  Because you can use it outside of polo and because it will momentarily make you believe you can make awesome Mr. Do-esque videos about polo.    And even when you fail at the last part (oh, I have to edit too??), you’ll still have that awesome footage of wheel-dicking yourself at full speed to enjoy with your friends.


9. NAH Balls                                        $1.30 ea
You need the practice.   And Fixcraft is blowing these out for almost nothing.    Fill your stocking.




10. Urban Velo  or DAB Magazine   $18yr for Urban(with free cozys),  apx $4 an issue for DAB
The gift that keeps on giving until next holiday season!





11. Burro Bags Party Belt Beverage Transporter  $29.95
Laugh if you will, but I bought one of these for Yeager a year ago and the few times I’ve seen it have made it well worthwhile.   Plus there is no better way to load up on gift number 12!



12. A Case of High Life

Because it’s polo, and you don’t need an excuse to share your beer with friends.

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