The Fixcraft HV1 Polo Bike: First day of play

Well, it’s finally happened: the Fixcraft Prototype build has been built and I played a pickup Sunday with it.

Now, I can’t really go into very many specifics as this is a prototype bike (so anything I said about it, positive or negative, might not hold true for the final production run of the bike itself), but I can and will say this: game changer.

Game. Effing. Changer.

I wanted to play for the rest of the day.

I wanted to leave my car at the court and bike all the way home.

I wanted to sleep next to it.

I lowered my gearing by about 2 1/2 teeth (ratio wise), my position on the bike is more aggressive, and the frame itself is tight and responsive. It makes my 925 feel like an 18 wheeler in comparison, and I love(d) that bike when it was my rig. I also switched back to 26 inch wheels because it fits my play style a bit better, and it’s nice to have those big fat RibMos on there.

I’ve got to relearn my goal tending, sure, but I kinda don’t want to stay in goal anymore. I can keep up with other players and make the quick-turn moves that have been too fast for me before. The Fixcraft hubs felt like poetry – I’m actually crying right now – somebody needs to hold me.

All I’m saying is this: if the version pushed into production is even 1/4 as classy as this bike is, the polo world is in for quite a contender in the polo-specific bike market. It’s the kinda polo bike that you want to get set up exactly the way you want because you know you’re not going to switch to another bike anytime soon.

Tomorrow I’ll have Horse’s closeup pictures of the bikes (mine and Lumberjack’s) for everyone to save as backgrounds. Today you’ll just have to be satisfied with the three here and your own daydreaming.


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  1. Horse says:

    I think a big part of this bikes positive feel for you was its ability to fit your size. As a short dude, its hard to find a bike that doesn’t ride like a recumbent. This actually manages to get you fairly aggressively positioned without making it un-mountable. I’ll be interested to see the littler guys/gals response to these once they hit the market.

    • Crusher says:

      That’s a great point, Horse. Most bikes I have to get, I have to modify the hell out of just to get on them. With the Fixcraft HV1 I don’t feel like I’m a hobbit trying to mount a tall bike.

  2. Heath says:

    Maybe Horse already answered this question, but it seems like your seat post is too low. Yes?

  3. YasMada says:

    Sounds like the first time I got my Joust set up right. That frame looks tight, but I’m interested in how the got to a geo that accommodates both 559 and 622 iso’s. I thought about it long and hard and the only really good answer I came to is either there are interchangeable drop-outs or the frame has to split the difference. Excited to ride one. Keep up the good work Lancaster.

  4. ricky says:

    I’ll look around on your site some more, but has there been any update on these?

    • Crusher says:

      Not yet – but I’ll reach out to Fixcraft right now and ask for one.

    • Crusher says:

      Just contacted and received a response from Fixcraft: they haven’t scrapped the idea, but are coming out with some options that will be aimed at newer players who don’t want to invest lots of money in the game/folks who want to get into the game for the least amount possible (while still getting a polo ready bike).

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