Interview with Kyle Ciccocioppo, Lancaster City Bike Polo Godfather

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Kyle is the guy who started bike polo in Lancaster, PA. He was the first guy to give me my own mallet, the first guy to talk to me about the higher points of bike polo play, and the first guy to horrify me on the court with his skill and salty mouth. I am honored to have the chance to interview him for Lancaster polo. So, without further bro-loving: 

How did you get started in Bike Polo?

Not sure exactly how I caught wind of polo to be honest, but I remember reading about it via the web back in 2008.  It looked fun and I wanted to try it, only problem was you I needed more people that were interested.  So I put up some fliers and tried to get the word out locally.  It took a lot of patience just like anything else worth waiting for. Long story short; eventually people took interest. And here we are today.

What is your Current Rig? 

Currently riding a Milwaukee Bruiser (Thanks to Brad @ Urban Velo). Fixed 36/20, front 990 brake, Sinz 160 cranks with Burro straps on animal pedals. Concor saddle on a truvativ seat post, all rollin’ on Velocity 32spk Deep-v’s with Ribmo 32 tires.

How have you seen the club grow since you started? Did you expect it to become what it is today?

To be honest, I knew the club would be where it is today. We had some rough times coming up with six, but more people took interest and the numbers have grown since.  Some players no longer play that were with it from the beginning and most are, and I thank you for never giving up on a sport that will now be around ‘til the end of man/woman-kind (hopefully).

What makes a perfect Mallet?

Preferences for polo are all too personal to say which is the best way to evaluate the game. Personally I go with a much shorter head with a cap which is much different from what I started playing with, I feel mallets have come a long way since since the sport originated.

Bike control or mallet control – which is more important for a top tier player?

With a background stemming from street hockey, I feel a lot of the game has to do with mallet/ball control. I still ride fixed, mostly because I know no other way and it keeps me moving just like I would be on skates. Fluid-like, you know? In order for polo to get where it needs to be we can’t all act like assholes, we need to get other people on the court.  Sure the basics don’t come easy, but you gotta practice for anything to improve.  Spread the word, don’t let POLO spread you…whatever that means.

Anything else?

Thanks Kabik for taking LUBP to the worldwide web, for all of us to see the progression of the sport we love so much.  And thanks to the club for always coming out, even in the worst of conditions.

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