Goldfish in the Heels of Your Shoes: Mounting System Madness

Let’s just do a quick  count here:

  1. Fixcraft’s Fixnut mounting system
  2. The now defunct but still great T-nut system
  3. Milwaukee’s new tooth’ed bolt/shaft mounting system
  4. MILK’s notched mounting system

All three of these fine companies have come up with fine mounting systems, and all of them do the job of keeping your mallet head attached to your mallet.

And so does a simple, 5 cent screw.

So why do bike polo equipment manufacturers go for developing all of these proprietary mounting systems? Are we just buying into fads or uniqueness instead of saving money and time by using what works?

I think there are a few factors. For one thing, there is an aesthetic achieved through the use of any of those listed mounting systems. A clean looking mallet is nice and all, but outside of vanity this serves almost no purpose.

Some may point to re-usability – all three of these systems let you re-use equipment in a modular way, which is a good case for all of them. But then again, think of the price and quality of wear: a cheap screw is…well…cheap. it also creates a small impact on the head of the mallet, allowing for multiple screw positions as a player rotates the head for wear. The biggest impact here is on the shaft of the mallet, which will inevitably begin wearing as you drill into it repeatedly. If you don’t believe me, just ask your mom about our night life.

mom joke: -1.

 My point to this rambling diatribe is this: Before buying into the next big mallet hardware attachment system, ask yourself if it’s superior to the most basic one: is this better than a simple screw, and if it is, why?


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  1. ddub says:

    never liked the deck screw; shafts always seemed too valuable to wreck like that. I also like the fixnut system (both the st. cago and fixcraft ones) because it makes mounting faster and easier.
    A few weeks ago I switched out the head on my mallet with just an allen wrench in under 30 seconds!

  2. Horse says:

    I dont know that these systems are any better than a deckscrew in reality… but there is something just inherently better feeling about using something polo specific.
    I also support that it takes polo past the point of using random shit for mallets. Makes it much more appealing and legitimate to me.

    • Crusher says:

      Could it be inferred, then, that you are also not as big a fan of ski poles and gas pipe, then?

      • Horse says:

        its not that I’m NOT a fan of them, I am just a bigger fan of the progression of the sport leading to company produced product aimed specifically at our sport.
        ^that is my official statement.
        my candid statement is that ski poles and gas pipe are SO 2009. the sport has moved on.

  3. Irishvelo says:

    It’s still about getting the ball into the back of the net. So whatever helps you do that is what is best. I am not sold on any of the proprietary systems as they are no more fool proof than anything else. I got caught up in the purchasing of polo parts, and the only thing I can say that makes a true effect is a capped head.

  4. Dany says:

    The “fixcraft system” is not proprietary. A quick trip to the hardware store and for $1 maybe you are set, ski poles or not.
    That makes for a solidly mounted head and it just feels good.

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